Courses at VEP 2015

VEP is offering the following course in 2015:

2-day workshop Deakin University Saturday 14 Nov & Sunday 15 Nov

The September and October classes for 2015 are now closed.

What is VEP?

VEP is an exam educational specialists organisation which has been running successfully for over 20 years. We conduct a number of STAT preparation courses for non-year 12 entry into university. The STAT is the Special Tertiary Admissions Test for mature-age applicants wishing to undertake tertiary study.

Research supports the VEP use of blended learning and outcomes based assessment for the 2 day and 4 day approach as delivering the best outcomes for students. We are experts in education.

The advantage VEP has over all other courses is that we are teachers in both the arts and the sciences and the question types, although seemingly English and Maths, are better approached as neither. With our unique backgrounds we have, for over 20 years, crafted our courses to deliver the very best outcome for students.

The VEP preparation courses are also suitable for candidates wishing to sit the law entrance tests, the ALSET and the LSAT. Students sitting the STAT or other tests outside our course dates please email fo further advice.

 Our aim is to open the door to further study that will enable students to fulfil their ambitions and achieve their goals.

 For further information or to receive an application form email us at